Prolophoresis is technique whose name is derived from two separate origins.  The term phonophoresis is used to describe the use of therapeutic ultrasound to deliver topically applied agents into the tissues deeper than can be achieved by just the application of the agent itself.  Arkansas Spine & Joint Pain Clinic Utilizes a topically applied gel called ProloGel that is based on a cutting-edge discovery in clinical neuroscience that can bring a calming to nerve pain, reduce swelling, and increase the rate of healing.  Developed by renowned pain management specialist Dr. Howard Rosen, Prolophoresis was coined to described the application of Prologel with the use of therapeutic ultrasound to drive Prologel deeper into the affected tissue.  Prolophoresis is often employed by Arkansas Spine & Joint Pain Clinic to reduce pain experienced in the low back, knees, shoulders, and other areas.


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